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Zhejiang Cangen Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited was founded in 1988, and it is formerly known as Zhuji City Cangen Machinery Bushing Factory. Cangen machinery is a leading enterprise which specializes in the production of copper bearing (copper set) for the forging industry, the average yield accounted for 85% of market share. In order to expand the scale, the company researched and developed and captured continuous casting process for a large caliber bronze tube, and meanwhile make joint venture with US biggest continuous casting enterprises to establish a new plant with total investment as 1 billion RMB and construction area as more than 60,000 square meters in Zhuji West Development Zone, and it will be soon put into production. The new plant will be as the bronze tube production base, it will also produce large copper bearing for water and electricity and mining industry, and its largest diameter is up to 4.5 meters, which is larger than the currently largest domestic diameter as 4 meters.

The company headquarters is located in Xishi's beautiful hometown Zhuji, which is the China Southern Hardware City, it is 35 kilometers from Hangzhou (Xiaoshan) Airport, and it is adjacent to the Diankou station of Zhegan highway, and it is also adjacent to Huhangyong expressway, so it has convenient transportation and extremely advantageous geographical location. Plant covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with fixed assets as 30 million Yuan, production value as nearly 300 million, we have more than 200 workers and 4 engineers. We specialize in the production of various copper bushing, copper bearing, copper worm and other brass fittings. We have all kinds of general machine tools, CNC machine tools, milling machine, planer, drilling, hobbing machine and cutting machine tools and other equipment of more than one hundred, meanwhile we have medium size, big size and super big size centrifugal casting machine and continuous casting and casting machines and other equipment of more than a dozen. We know that only the technology, equipment and strict management is not enough, let customers use qualified assured products so that customers are more satisfied is the ultimate goal of Cangen. Cangen people always firmly believe that "Cangen's tomorrow can be better than today", let us sincerely and credibility build a bridge of friendship with you!

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